In april 2018 we were called by a fellow production company with a proposal: produce, design, record, direct, edit and deliver an entire season for a TV show about technology. We love a challenge, so we accepted right away.

The first step was designing a new template package for the editor, with a new logo, intro, inserts, sections, and icons.

We maintained the spirit of the previous seasons, but with a modern, polished and minimalist look.

Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample

The next step was establishing the workflow. We needed to record several interviews in a day, so we could have enough material to edit several episodes and deliver them to the TV Station. Like clockwork, we recorded 3 interviews per day, plus the final section of each episode, which involved a “live-like” interview with a tech expert.

In this last section, we needed several cameras to emulate the feeling of a live interview. We used 4 cameras located in key points on set, and to get a clean audio we hid an audio recorded in plain sight.

To finish the producing / recording period, we distributed the interviews along 14 episodes, so we could know before hand what would the anchor say in the introduction of each episode, we checked the clothing he wore on each interview, then recorded the anchor presenting every episode, and also saying goodbye and the social networks of the show.

The editing took serious work due to the amount of details: cleaning the audio to eliminate echo and noise, synchronizing the audio with the video, editing 4 hours of material for each episode into three, seven-minutes parts, for a total of 21 minutes per show, find the proper music for each interview, make sure the dialogue made sense, put the TV package in place, modify the dates on screen, stabilize the hand-held shots, color correct every single frame, and then render in maximum quality.

The 4th season was an incredible success, surpassing the previous seasons both in viewership and social network interactions. We a very proud of the final product and we continue to improve our techniques, pipelines and processes with each new project.


Meibel Di Martino

Pachy Urdaneta


Victor Niebla


Gauss Productions