Gauss Productions got a request from a producer of world-wide renowned fashion designer Giovanni Scutaro, to develop a video depicting his entire career.

This video demanded a considerable time of research, photo editing, scanning of old newspapers and portfolios, and a careful selection of the best material Scutaro’s archive could offer.

After collecting the necessary material, we proceeded with organizing all the files by year and collection, so we could create a concept of how everything would be animated.

Every year had a feeling, a visual style, hence the animation needed to match the design of the brochures.

Additionally, we needed an intro and outro of the video. We decided to create a 3D animation of Giovanni Scutaro’s logo, with scenes from the fashion runaways contained in the letters.

Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample

After the voice over artists delivered the track, we could start the animation process of the collected material at the beat of the music and the voice.

The video premiered on the big screen at the runaway of Scutaro’s latest collection. It was an absolute success, with attendees praising Giovanni Scutaro for his career and the quality of the video.


Victor Niebla

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Gauss Productions


Giovanni Scutaro