In December 2013, our production team at Gauss Productions took the initiative to create a video for a contest.

Hosted by the website, the objective was to created a music video for the band Stone Temple Pilots, specifically for their new song “Black Heart“.

The task came with an impressive challenge: develop, produce and deliver an entire music video in just one week.

We spent an entire weekend developing the concept and the story, based on the song’s lyrics. We then created an storyboard for the entire music video, and then we started the casting process. Our dear friend and actor Freddy Istvan Majetić accepted the challenge.

Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample

The production developed at a neck-breaking speed, we recorded all the scenes in just two days, it was an intense collaborative project, which wouldn’t be possible with everyone helping in the production, cast and extras included.

Post-production included a range of simple VFX, color correction and editing.

At Gauss Productions we are proud of the work done by the entire team on this project, and we are extremely thankful of every single actor that accepted the challenge.


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