Gauss Productions was contacted by an anchor of the main TV news channel in his country because he wanted to develop a new project: a series of short, 1-minute capsules about technology, to be transmitted between ads.

It was an interesting project, because every single capsule was unique, it would never have the same animation, depending on the topic and the timing of the anchor.

We had a lot of fun producing the series, as it was aimed to a younger audience, we could hide jokes and memes in the animations.

Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample
Suricapp Storyboard sample

We produced 45 capsules, each one explaining a new technology, cellphone, company, or service.

Depending on the complexity of the scripts and the amount of information, we needed to move production to the main studio inside the TV News channel, if it was a simpler script, we recorded the scenes on our own studio.

We polished our animation skills and our pipeline for this production, and we are very thankful with everyone involved in it’s production.


Victor Niebla


Meibel Di Martino

Production Company

Gauss Productions